The Norwegian memory of World War II focuses on the royal family as a symbol of the resistance against the occupation. The King was the guarantee for Norwegian democracy.

On June 7, 1945, exactly five years to the day after the King was forced to leave Norway, the King and his family set foot on Norwegian soil again in Oslo. The return of the King was of the greatest significance. This photograph appeared as a magazine cover in June 1945. The picture reached cult status. It went on sale as a framed photograph and could be found on the walls of many apartments and houses. It was published in numerous books and on postcards as well.

Enzo Finger combines the few pictures that belong to the permanent repertoire of the War in Norway in his designs for a postage stamp series on the occasion of the 50 th anniversary of the liberation. The familiar motif of the King who has to leave the country is combined with his radiant return.

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