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German Historical Museum


Reihe „Photogalerie im PEI-BAU“
PEI-Bau / 2nd Floor, 8th December 2006 to 28th February 2007


Transitions - Biographies between GDR and
Federal Republic of Germany
Photographs by Angelika Kampfer and Ewald Hentze

An exhibition of the German Historical Museum

Contact partner: Dr. Monika Flacke


In light of the years passed since the fall of the wall, the new Republic of Germany is almost grown-up. The children and youths born after 1990 no longer know the GDR. They have grown up in a country marked by a transition that has made itself felt in the East as in the West. Just how foreign this world of “GDR 1989” has become is shown by the first series of photographs from Angelika Kampfer and Ewald Hentze.

Immediately following the fall of the Wall both photographers set off to photograph the people in a state that both knew would soon no longer exist. In 1992 both returned to photograph their subjects once more. With the end of the workers ’ and farmers’ state, one of its great protagonists - the worker - seems to have left the stage.

In 2004 and 2005 Kampfer once more made a photographic journey. Nothing remains of the pathos of work that could still be felt in 1989. The spaces captured in 1989 to a large extent recall the early 20th century. The factories, craft centres and schools have all since been modernised. The brief span of sixteen years saw the emergence of the tidy world of employees and sanitary workplaces, the fully rationalised world one has to get along in - some much better than before, others not as well. 

8th December 2006 to 28th February 2007, Pei-Bau / 2nd Floor


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