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Produktion / Produced by : MSA/SRE or ECA Paris
Regie / Directed by :
Jahr / Country/Year : 1950
Länge / Length :
Sprache / Language : English
: 35mm, 1,37, mono

Synopsis: Unter dem Kommunisten Marschall Tito bildet sich 1950 ein unabhängiges Jugoslawien, das sich weigert, ein Satellitenstaat der UdSSR zu werden. Vom Ostblock isoliert, sucht Tito wirtschaftliche Unterstützung in der westlichen Welt, die ihm umgehend – besonders aus Amerika im Rahmen des ERP – gewährt wird.

Description: The fiercely independent Yugoslavs continued to harass the Germans through partisan action during the entire period of occupation. Within two months of the end of World War II they were able to set up a federated republic under the Communist Marshall Tito. In 1950, Tito again raised the banner of Yugoslav independence when he refused to knuckle under to Stalin and allow his nation to become all but a colony of Russia. With his country economically isolated, Tito turned to the West for assistance, which was speedily forthcoming from America and elsewhere. Prob. 1950.

*NB: The 1954 catalogue of Marshall Films credits the original film as produced originally in1950 by MSA/SRE. However, MSA was not created until 1951, and in his 1994 Memoir/Filmography, Albert Hemsing credited it to the ECA film section, Paris, for ECA. This seems to be a copy of that original. A second, longer (27-min.) version was created by MSA in 1952 for the Strength for the Free World series. Further research is needed to determine whether a copy of this longer version still exists elsewhere. Marshall Plan Filmography © 2002 Linda R. Christenson