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Produktion / Produced by : Ian Dalrymple, Wessex Film Productions, Ltd, London, for ECA/OSR
Regie / Directed by : Kay Mander
Land/Jahr / Country/Year : 1951
Länge / Length : 19min
Sprache / Language : English
Format: mm 1,37, mono

Synopsis: Der Film gehört zu einer Reihe von 6 Filmen mit dem Titel Changing Face of Europe. Jeder Film behandelt ein anderes Thema aus dem wirtschaftlichen oder sozialen Bereich. Hier geht es um Transport.

Description: Surveys the state of transport in postwar Europe and the progress made in rebuilding and modernizing roads, railways and airports. National initiative and Marshall Plan help have accomplished much, but not enough has been done to remove man-made barriers. The crack Stockholm-Rome Express takes longer to make its run today, for example, than before World War I, because of cumbersome frontier controls. To assure the free and speedy movement of people and goods that the future demands, “We must declare for a single Europe.”

Fifth of the six films of The Changing Face of Europe series. 1951 (Filming took place between September and December 1950). Marshall Plan Filmography © 2002 Linda R. Christenson