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Produktion / Produced by : MSA Film Section, Paris, for MSA
Regie / Directed by :
Land/Jahr / Country/Year : 1952
Länge / Length : 27min
Sprache / Language : English
Format: 16mm 1,37, mono

Synopsis: Der Europarat in StraĂźburg – was er bedeutet, seine Aufgaben und wie er arbeitet, aus der Sicht der SimultanĂĽbersetzer gezeigt. (Sequenzen von v. Brentano und Adenauer). Ein historisches Dokument: aus dem Europarat, der damals nur beratende Funktion hatte, bildete sich später das Europaparlament.

Description: The Council of Europe in Strasburg, France—what it is, what it does, how it works—as seen through the eyes of its staff of simultaneous interpreters. Paul-Henri Spaak France s Paul Reynaud, Germany s von Brentano and Britain s Robert Boothby speak during a session on European unity. Robert Schuman (France), Premier de Gaspari (Italy) and Chancellor Adenauer (Germany) solemnly declare their intention to form the European Coal and Steel Community. (Paul-Henri Spaak of Belgium is seen but not heard.) This informative look-in on the Council in its early days—when it had only advisory functions—takes on historic significance as the Continent moves toward making it a European Parliament. 1952.

Produced by the MSA Film Section, Paris, for MSA. This version features Gene Kelly as narrator and is more sophisticated than Version Two, but has less footage of European speakers. Marshall Plan Filmography © 2002 Linda R. Christenson