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Produktion / Produced by : ECA Film Unit in cooperation with Fox-Movietone News, Paris, for ECA/OSR
Regie / Directed by :

Jahr / Country/Year : 1950
Länge / Length :
Sprache / Language : English
16mm, 1,37, mono

Description: Second of twelve monthly newsreels about the European Recovery Program: Germany: signing of the ECA agreement, ERP exhibits in Berlin; Italy: 14 U.S. editors and publishers visit Europe to see Marshall Plan results, talk to Ambassador James Dunn, and watch construction of Rome’s ECA-funded new, modern railroad station; Greece: needed equipment is trucked to battered Naousa; France: the touring American editors meet French economic planner Jean Monnet, visit a tire plant and the Renault auto factory near Paris, watch a Marais swamp getting drained. *In Bourges, they meet farmer Jolivet, who had earlier received the first ECA tractor sent to France; now there are many more. In Paris, representatives of each participating country meet to set up an agricultural extension service. Belgium: Local agricultural experts from each of the Marshall Plan participating countries watch U.S. Department of Agriculture and State Department agricultural training films for possible use in their countries (24 titles available); Prof. Henderson aids consults with milk producers, labs, and processors, and drinks milk at a dairy bar.

NB(1): This segment on farmer Jolivet was left out of EIA-4, the first reel of the other copy of this film at NARA. NB(2): This copy is somewhat lighter than the two NARA reels (EIA-4 and EIA-5) listed below, but is sharper in some places. Marshall Plan Filmography © 2002 Linda R. Christenson