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Produktion / Produced by : Peter Baylis, Cinetone Studios, Amsterdam, for MSA/E
Regie / Directed by :
Nelo Risi; Kyndby Power Plant, Ove Sevel, Victor Vicas
Land/Jahr / Country/Year : 1953
Länge / Length : 19min
Sprache / Language : English
ormat: 35mm, 1,37, mono, b/w

Synopsis: Ein monatlicher Bericht aus Europa über drei verschiedene Länder. Film Nr. 1 stellt Hilfe und Kooperation von Deutschland, Dänemark und Schweden nebeneinander.

Description: 1) A refugee from the Soviet Sector of Berlin arrives in West Berlin to find asylum and work. 2) In Denmark, the new power plant at Kyndby is asked by Stockholm to divert power there. An electrical storm has caused a loss of electricity in Sweden. Tomorrow it may be Sweden’s turn to help supply Denmark. 3) Cooperation is also the theme of the third story: how nations work together through Interpol to catch a gang of forgers. 1952. Marshall Plan Filmography © 2002 Linda R. Christenson