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Produktion / Produced by : Wessex Film Productions Ltd, London, for ECA/OSR
Regie / Directed by :
Graham Wallace and Anthony Squire
Jahr / Country/Year : 1951
Länge / Length :
Sprache / Language : English
ormat: 16mm, 1,37, mono, b/w

Synopsis: Der Film gehört zu einer Reihe von 6 Filmen mit dem Titel Changing Face of Europe. Jeder Film behandelt ein anderes Thema aus dem wirtschaftlichen oder sozialen Bereich. Hier geht es um Strom.

Description: In the mountains of Austria, Norway and Italy, in France’s valley of the Rhone, Europe is harnessing its waterways and building enormous power stations to supply the low-cost, replenishable electricity that the Continent’s recovering industries must have. Elsewhere, men are seeking and utilizing other sources of energy, the life-blood of modern civilization. The film argues that a Europe-wide electrical power grid must be realized without regard to man-made boundaries.

First of the six films of The Changing Face of Europe series. 1951 (Shot between August and Christmas 1950). Marshall Plan Filmography © 2002 Linda R. Christenson