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Produktion / Produced by : Wessex Film Productions, Ltd, London, for ECA/OSR
Regie / Directed by :
Jacques Brunius
Jahr / Country/Year : 1950
Länge / Length :
Sprache / Language : English
ormat: 16mm, 1,37, mono, b/w

Synopsis: Der Film gehört zu einer Reihe von 6 Filmen mit dem Titel Changing Face of Europe. Jeder Film behandelt ein anderes Thema aus dem wirtschaftlichen oder sozialen Bereich. Hier geht es um Wohnraum.

Description: The war-shattered French town of Caen, scene of a major battle in the invasion of Normandy, is filmed in order to exemplify the most serious challenge that Europe still faces 5 years after war’s end—the search for a place to live. Caen, which must be rebuilt from rubble, finds it difficult even to provide temporary shelter for the construction workers. Elsewhere, from the destroyed villages of Greece, to the homeless seeking shelter in the catacombs of Rome, to the long way to Scandinavia, the search is on for solutions. International cooperation, the pooling of ideas, skills and materials must be part of the solution, the film asserts. 1950. Third of the six films of The Changing Face of Europe-series. Marshall Plan Filmography © 2002 Linda R. Christenson