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Produktion / Produced by : Ian Dalrymple Wessex Film Productions, Ltd, London, for ECA/OSR
Regie / Directed by :
Humphrey Jennings and Graham Wallace
Jahr / Country/Year : 1951
Länge / Length :
Sprache / Language : English
ormat: 16mm, 1,37, mono, b/w

Synopsis: Der Film gehört zu einer Reihe von 6 Filmen mit dem Titel Changing Face of Europe. Jeder Film behandelt ein anderes Thema aus dem wirtschaftlichen oder sozialen Bereich. Hier geht es um die Gesundheit.

Description: On the premise that physicians in ancient Greece declared that the “good life” must rest on good health, this film seeks to draw a balance on the status of health in postwar Europe and the efforts underway to prevent disease and to promote well-being. These efforts, the film asserts, must rest on international cooperation without regard to man-made frontiers. The film’s thesis is illustrated in a succession of vignettes: TB vaccination in Greek villages, where the children especially are at risk; in danger, too, of a host of diseases are the children who inhabit the hovels of Rome, within sight of the city’s ancient grandeur and modern prosperity; in Greece again, at Lamia, Marshall Plan funds help build a sanitarium, while at Missolonghi (where Byron caught the “ague”), aid money goes into the anti-malaria campaign; cancer research is underway at various centers; and in Geneva, epidemiologists at the World Health Organization track disease and malnutrition on a continental basis.

Last of the six films of (The) Changing Face of Europe series. 1951 (Filming took place in Austria and Italy between September and November 1950).(This film, originally called simply HEALTH, was Humphrey Jennings’s pet project; he wrote the script and was the original director. Unfortunately, on September 24, 1950, while on location in Greece, he met his untimely death at the age of 43 by backing off a cliff. Graham Wallace took over as Director.) Shot originally in 35mm Technicolor Monopac. Marshall Plan Filmography © 2002 Linda R. Christenson