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5 The »Führer State«


The staging of mass rallies of the Nazi Party and visits of state provided dazzling images of an orderly and consensual dictatorship. The regime utilized every means of technological civilization to convey the glossy appearance of mutual concurrence between »Führer« and »national community« as well as the feeling of greatness and coherence. Hidden behind the façade of a united »Führer will« were infighting about areas of responsibility and a growing breakdown of clear structures. The unchecked power dynamics and internal and external political radicalization fostered this collapse of order. At the same time this gave Hitler the opportunity to assert his will to wage war and to annihilate all alien elements.

Arno Breker, Portrait of Adolf Hitler, Reliefplatte, Berlin, 9.1.1939, DHM
German Olympic decoration, first class, awarded to Carl Johan Arthur, prince of Sweden, 1936, DHM
»Der Hitlerstaat« (»Der totale Staat«), Magnus Zeller, Caputh 1938/1945, Berlin, Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin
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