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4 German Society and Hitler


The Nazi Party’s Gleichschaltung (»coordination«) of politics and society went hand in hand with the voluntary collaboration of a society longing for security and strong leadership as well as for participation in social community and social ascendency. Propaganda and the social practice of the National Socialist Volksgemeinschaft (»national community«) appeared to fulfil these expectations and gave rise to the frequently expressed conviction that one must support the »Führer« in his effort to build up the nation. Social promises and successes in securing work and food for the people ensured the increasing approval of the government by almost all classes of society. However, the people were only too willing to overlook the exclusion and persecution of those »foreign to the community«.

Adolf Hitler's 48th birthday: The enthusiastic crowd is held back by the police, Berlin, 20.4.1937, BPK
The constructor Ferdinand Porsche presents a model of the »Volkswagen« to Adolf Hitler as a birthday present, Heinrich Hoffmann, Berlin, 20.4.1938, DHM
Sign »Jews are unwelcome in our town« (»Juden sind in unserem Ort nicht erwünscht«), Stempel- u. Schilder-Töpfer, Eisenach, after 1933, DHM
Badges of the »Winterhilfswerk«, Büchlein-Serie, 1937- 1939, DHM
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