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The Nazi Party (NSDAP) arose in a völkisch-nationalistic environment and was able to fill assembly halls and conquer the street by means of its inflammatory style and unscrupulous use of violence. Hitler had almost no background and few characteristics that predestined him to become the »Führer«. His rise from an unknown soldier in the First World War to »Leader« of the Nazi Party rested on his propaganda activities and the expectations of his growing »following«. They saw in him the »German Mussolini« and the longed-for »Führer«. Despite the fact that the November putsch had failed in 1923 he was able to secure his dictatorial powers over the Nazi Party. Bolstered by a successful mobilization of the masses, he transformedthe NSDAP into a »Führer movement« based on his own personal following.

Carl Weinrother, Propaganda parade of the SA in Spandau, Berlin, Berlin, 1932, BPK
Advertising figure for »drummer«-cigarettes with a member of the SA, Germany, about 1933, DHM
Hein Neuner, Propaganda poster for joining the Hitler Youth, Berlin, about 1939, DHM
»What the king conquered, the prince formed, the field marshall defended, has been saved and unified by the soldier«, Hans von Norden, postcard, Cologne 1933, Munich - Karl Stehle
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