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From the collection of the Deutsches Historisches Museum:

First Printing in German of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, July 4, 1776



  • 1517  Begin of the Reformation in Europe.
  • 1588  England becomes naval power after defeat of the Spanish Armada.
  • 1607  Founding of Jamestown, first permanent British colony in Virginia.
  • 1620  Pilgrim Fathers reach America on the "Mayflower", founding of Plymouth.
  • 1629/30  Founding of the Massachusetts-Bay-Company Puritan emigration.
  • 1632/1732  Founding of the remaining British colonies in North America.
  • 1683  First German immigrants (Germantown/Philadelphia).
  • 1756/1763  Seven Years War in Europe. War between Britain and France in the American theatres of conflict (French and Indian War, 1754/1763).

  • 1763  Peace of Paris: Canada and the areas east of the Mississippi River are ceded by France to Britain, Spain loses Florida to Britain.

  • 1765  Stampact: stricter handling of trading laws, introduction of new taxes by the British to finance the colonial wars leads to protest. Colonies refer to the principle "no taxation without representation".

  • 1773  "Boston Tea Party": the disputes between British authorities and colonists about the imposing of duties and taxes leads to "Boston Tea Party".

  • 1774  First Continental Congress: in Philadelphia, representatives of the British colonists pass "Declaration of Rights and Complaints by the Colonies".

  • 1775-1883  War of Independence; starts with skirmishes between colonial militia and the King's Army near Lexington and Concord (Massachusetts).
  • 1775  Second Continental Congress: organization of a continental army under George Washington.
  • July 4, 1776  Declaration of Independence by Congress.
  • 1776-1800  The young states give themselves constitutions.
  • 1777  Creation of an alliance via "articles of confederation" (ratified in 1781).
  • 1778  War alliance between United States and France, later with Spain and the Netherlands.
  • 1781  Yorktown (Virginia) Capitulation: break-up of British naval power leads to supply problems for British colonial troops.
  • 1783  Peace of Paris (Versailles): Britain cedes 13 colonies and the areas between the Great Lakes, the Appalaches and the Mississippi. Spain regains Florida.
  • 1787  Constitution of the United States. Comes into force in 1789.
  • 1789  French Revolution.




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