Sonderausgabe des Nachrichtenblattes des US-Armee „Die Mitteilungen“ zur Kapitulation Deutschlands, 9. Mai 1945, US-Army, 6. Heeresgruppe © DHM
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75 years ago: The unconditional surrender of Germany on May 8, 1945

Permanent Exhibition

Freitag, 08. Mai 2020, 15.00 Uhr


With the signing of the unconditional surrender by the Military High Command of the Wehrmacht on May 8, 1945, the Second World War came to an end in Europe. In the states of the anti-Hitler coalition led by the USA, the Soviet Union and Great Britain, people celebrated the victory over national-socialism and the associated liberation from war, terror and genocide. People in Germany, however, took a long time to feel that this day was not a defeat, but could also be seen as liberation.

The guided tour takes a closer look on the importance of this unconditional surrender both for German history and for world history.

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