Arts and Crafts & Graphics

Arts and Crafts

The objects in the Arts and Crafts Collection – nowadays the term "Applied Art" has gained in popularity – consist of such different materials and categories as glass art and ceramics, silver and gold work, tin wares and iron art castings, wood and ivory carvings, miniatures, furniture and modern design.

Sculptures up to 1900

The collection of Sculptures comprises all sculptural works that were completed or designed before the year 1900. In most cases the sculptures are figurative representations, portrait busts, statues of saints, monuments and portraits of rulers, scientists and artists.

Graphics Collection

In addition to original drawings the Graphics Collection contains above all graphic prints: woodcuts, copper engravings, etchings, steel engravings and lithographs. On the other hand, posters are not part of the Graphics Collection. They form a separate collection of the own.

The oldest woodcuts are from the 15th century, the latest drawings from the year 2012. Focal points of the collection are event graphics, topographical views and portraits of prominent historical persons.

The collection continues to be expanded through purchases and donations. The selection criteria are strict: prints with motifs related to German-European history are above all of interest. Only in exceptional cases is the entire estate of an artist taken over.