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Roads not Taken. Another German History

In the run-up to the opening of the newly designed permanent exhibition, the exhibition “Roads not Taken. Another German History” is due to go on show from November 2022 until mid-2025. The special exhibit will be presented in the Pei building, with approx. 1000 m² exhibition space at its disposal.

The presentation will present a broad sweep of the history of Germany through the 19th and 20th century, with each chapter of that history told through a series of objects. The title “Roads not Taken” provides the backbone structure to the exhibit: Starting with a set of key dates in German history, details of actual historical events will be set against the backdrop of other options and other possible outcomes, laid out as a chain of pivotal and often dramatic turning points. This unusual speculative approach raises inextricable questions about underlying or even engrained patterns, but also the importance of key decision-makers and political figures and the role of chance in shaping the course of history. The exhibition’s primary goal is to help visitors see the familiar from a new angle and to sharpen an awareness that history is not ‘a closed book’ but essentially an open process.

The project manager is Fritz Backhaus; the curatorial team consists of Julia Franke, Stefan Paul-Jacobs, and Dr. Lili Reyels.