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Our film workshops explore the use of film as a historical source, but also teach participants about the medium's general aesthetics and modes of operation. One of these workshops is devoted to everyday life in East Berlin in the 1950s and examines tensions between the GDR state apparatus, propaganda, and youth culture, using the DEFA feature film Berlin - Ecke Schönhauser (GDR 1957, director: Gerhard Klein) as an example. The second film workshop focuses on Hitlerjunge Quex (D 1933, director: Hans Steinhoff) and questions forms and modes of National Socialist propaganda.

After viewing the respective films together, participants analyze selected sequences in small groups before encountering objects from the museum’s exhibition in order to investigate the relationship between film and the history of the GDR (Berlin - Ecke Schönhauser) or  the Nazi era (Hitlerjunge Quex). At the end, the results of the working groups are presented and discussed in a plenum.