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Dove of peace on a globe


Official Gifts

Taj Mahal Model of the Spassky Tower with clock Sculpture of a worker in a cogwheel King Sigismund The welder Group of figures: miners Sándor Petöfi, Tapestry
Jewellery box Desk calendar Gamal Abd el Nasser Conversation piece Aerial combat Female member of the Vietnamese Liberation Front with a captured US pilot Uniform jacket
Model robot Decorative plate Moncada - Granma République Française Engels' birthplace Decorative plate Decorative plate Jägersberg Castle, Neunkirchen
Peace dove on an open hand Karl Marx Urho Kekkonen Decorative plate Fragment of wreckage Felix Dzerzhinsky Colloseo 1800
Gown Festivity Mátyás Rákosi Desk set Cup Kremlin in Moscow Lacquer work
Dog team and sledge Miner's safety helmet Model of an industrial plant Desk set Pipe Jewellery box Photo album - Cienfuegos
Cup Decorative plate (Wiebelskirchen) Relief plaque Ashtray and ornamental box Silver dish Coin collection Vase
Relief picture Wall emblem Photograph of Neelam Sanjiwa Reddy Vase Vase    


Gifts to the Party

Marx and Lenin Cigarette lighter Lenin Conversation piece »The Oder-Neisse Line« Desktop piece - SAG Transmasch Conversation piece »Everlasting friendship« Ornamental box with Party Congress symbol
Conversation piece »Hammer and sickle« Vase Conversation piece Conversation piece »Soomaaliya« Conversation piece »Workers of the world, unite!« Sculpture Football payer
Decorative plate »20 years of the Ministry of State Security« Salvador Allende SED 30th Anniversary Conversation piece Musical clock Prepared to fight Party Congress symbol
Model of an industrial plant Model of an industrial plant Souvenir coal briquette Souvenir coal briquette Conversation piece Model of a diesel locomotive Greetings to the 4th Party Congress
Model of a mining truck Karl Marx Karl Marx Decorative plate Cup Paris Commune plaque Mural emblem
Decorative plate Relief plaque Decorative plate - Red Square Conversation piece »Lenin« Erich Honecker Green Book Conversation piece
Agriculture Decorative plate »III. Congreso del PCC« Granma Dish The Capitoline Wolf Decorative plate »20 years of the Ministry of State Security« Cup
Vase »35 years of the Ministry of State Security« Ornamental sword          


Birthday Presents

Desk calendar Ball - bearing mount Chest Sombrero Conversation piece »Five-year plan« Wilhelm- Pieck - Campaign Miner
Conversation piece »Peace, Unity, Democracy and Socialism« Figure of an aspiring man Desk set Musical clock »Glück auf« Pick Model of an industrial plant Soviet memorial
Helm Cigarette case Roland Dish Open book Hummel Clock
Decorative plate Decorative plate Wilhelm Pieck with scouts Model of a mining truck Pit lamp Wall decoration Cased collection of product labels
Vase Brandenburg Gate Bull Smoker's set Ship in a bottle Desktop decoration Conversation piece
Cosmos Monument Conversation piece Roofing tools Desk piece - mining Desktop piece Desktop piece Five-year plan
Five-year plan            


Special Items

Sandman doll Prepared elephant's foot Decorative piece Sand from Giron beach Soil from the homeland of Lenin Richard Sorge, Tapestry Clenched fist
Roofing tools Conversation piece Conversation piece »For outstanding achievement« Plaque honouring socialist labour Felt hat T 54 tank Decorative plate - Securing the national boundaries
Wilhelm Pieck Bolt of cloth with competition guidelines Composition with roofing tools Key Cushion Tapestry »United we stand« Conversation piece »United we stand«
Cup Tapestry »30th anniversary of the GDR« Fanfare and flag Conversation piece »Winner of the competition« Case Welding tools Relief plaque - Warsaw Pact
Conversation piece - National boundary Ernst Thälmann Painting: Thälmann, Marx, Engels and Lenin Symbolic key Decorative piece Decorative piece Plaque
Lenin centenary Models of historic vehicles