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The World at War

When World War II started, triggered by the German invasion of his homeland Poland in September 1939, Szyk was living in London. In the following year, he emigrated to the United States, settling in New York with his wife and daughter. After Szyk’s new homeland had joined the war against the Axis in December 1941, magazines and daily newspapers regularly published his caricatures. Subsequently, he advanced to become one of the country’s most important political artists. His distinctive drawing style and his political convictions thus became known to a wide public. He made use of the growing prominence to contribute as a self-declared “soldier in art” to the American propaganda effort. The artist, for instance, illustrated advertisements for war bonds, posters for use by solidarity organizations, or publications by government agencies. Books containing his collected political drawings on war topics appeared in 1941 and 1946.







Two down and One to go
Washington, D.C., 1945
Burlingame, Kalifornien:
Irvin Ungar

The German “Authority” in Poland
London, 1939
Burlingame, Kalifornien: Irvin Ungar