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Genocide and Resistance

As one of only a few artists, Szyk was already addressing the genocide of the European Jews during the war years 1939-1945. Published in newspapers and periodicals, his drawings again and again confronted the American public with the Holocaust. The artist explicitly criticized the refusal of Great Britain and the United States to take in additional Jewish refugees. Through work in political organizations, he attempted to move the United States to intervene more actively in support of the persecuted. Likewise, Szyk campaigned for the creation of a Jewish army, which was to fight alongside the Allies against the Axis. Given the ever higher numbers of victims, his works increasingly addressed Jewish armed resistance against their persecution and systematical extermination. The focus of his attention was the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of April 1943, which Szyk placed in the tradition of the Jewish uprisings against foreign rule.




Modern Moses
New York, 1944
Burlingame, Kalifornien:
Irvin Ungar

De profundis. Cain, where is Abel thy brother?
New York, 1943
Burlingame, Kalifornien: Irvin Ungar