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25 October 2013 to 2 March 2014 Exhibition HallDHM Schriftzug
Poster – Life after Luther

Education and Communication


Tours for groups
In German, English, French, Spanish and Italian
maximum of 25 persons
60 minutes
75 € plus admission


Tours for school classes
60 minutes
1 € per pupil, admission for school classes free of charge
Prior appointment required
The dialogue with school classes during the tours focuses on questions about the relevance of the parsonage for German and European history, the changes in the living conditions of the clergy and parishes after the Reformation and on the expectations that were placed on the people in the parsonages. Expert guides will introduce selected objects to the pupils with a view to the respective target groups and discuss the importance of the parsonage and its inhabitants with the school children.


History workshops for school classes
120 minutes
2 € per pupil, admission for school classes free of charge
Central to the history workshops for secondary stages I and II is the intensive discussion of the exponents in the exhibition. Topics such as the origin of the Evangelical parsonage, life in the parsonage or the role of women in the Evangelical church and the relevance of the parsonage to politics will be discussed in small groups. The workshops also look into the work involved in the exhibition itself on the basis of its structure and the different kinds of objects to be displayed.


Programme for confirmation groups
60 minutes
1 € per confirmand, admission for the group free
Prior appointment required
In dialogue with groups preparing for confirmation the programme takes up important aspects of their confirmation lessons: baptism and confirmation, official acts of the clergy, church service and Bible, resistance and submission. Light will also be shed on the historical background of the parsonage. With the flyer “Parsonage Rallye” the confirmation students can expand their knowledge and pinpoint their own fields of interest.


Tour booking and information
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