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East/West Indiaman (17th–19th century)

The East and West Indiamen were not types of ship in the usual sense. They were umbrella terms for a range of merchant ship types that sailed between Europe and overseas colonies to the east and west respectively. Features that these ships had in common were three masts, several cannons, and a high bulwark that was meant to make it harder for attackers to board them. Their precious cargoes made the ships attractive targets, so they often travelled in a group (convoy), accompanied by medium-armed merchant ships or frigates for protection.



The following information refers to the specific ship represented by the model.


·         Region: Great Britain (all oceans)

·         Length: 30.50 m

·         Beam: 8.30 m

·         Propulsion: sail

·         Sail area: -

·         Carrying capacity: approx. 1,000 tonnes

·         Speed: approx. 6 knots (~ 11 km/h)