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Three-decker (17th–19th century)

The three-deckers were among the largest warships of their time. Only small numbers were produced, as they were expensive and technically demanding to construct. One of the first three-deckers was the English SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS, which was launched in 1637. It had three continuous gun battery decks, 100 guns and 800 crew. The hull's outer planking consisted of solid oak and was up to 60 cm thick. Up to 2,000 oak trees were needed to construct a single three-decker ship. The three-decker was characterised by high stability and heavy firepower.


The following information refers to the specific ship represented by the model.


·         Region: France (all oceans)

·         Length: 57.50 m

·         Beam: 28.00 m

·         Propulsion: sail

·         Sail area: -

·         Carrying capacity: approx. 2,300 tonnes

·         Speed: approx. 9 knots (~ 17 km/h)