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Frigate (18th–19th century)

The most striking feature of frigates, from the seventeenth century onward, was their lack of high superstructures. Frigates had three masts with the sails of a full-rigged ship. They had a continuous gun deck on which around twenty to thirty carriage-mounted guns were distributed. The main armament consisted of 3- to 12-pounder guns. Frigates were used as escorts, or for patrolling and reconnaissance. Their speed and manoeuvrability suited them to a communications role, but they also fought naval actions in the lee of large battleships, from where they could intervene in support.


The following information refers to the specific ship represented by the model.


·         Region: France (all oceans)

·         Length: 31.00 m

·         Beam: 6.90 m

·         Propulsion: sail

·         Sail area: -

·         Carrying capacity: approx. 500 tonnes

·         Speed: approx. 13 knots (~ 24 km/h)