My favourite piece of history: drag queen Biggy van Blond presents her favourite object at Deutsches Historisches Museum.

My favourite pieces at Deutsches Historisches Museum are a riding jacket and riding hat that belonged to Queen Louise of Prussia. They were two of the favourite garments of Queen Louise, who was a tremendously gifted and fearless rider. Her husband claimed that she was ‘never more beautiful than when on horseback’. I am particularly impressed by the stern glamour of the outfit, which dates back to about 1800. I can well understand the appeal that it held for Louise.

I did not choose the piece at random, as I have a penchant for striking outfits. At my drag shows at Berlin’s BKA-Theater, I wear glitzy and glamorous ensembles, sometimes in leopard print. Louise and I would have got on like a house on fire when it comes to fashion. Even though I usually go for modern costumes for my stage shows, I could easily imagine performing in a historical outfit like this one.


I am fascinated by Louise of Prussia as a person. She didn’t stand on ceremony and was admired by many of her contemporaries due to her grace and poise. In a sense, she was Germany’s first-ever It girl. It’s a shame that she didn’t make it past 34.

I still wouldn’t have wanted to change places with Louise. I would not have been a great monarch as Biggy I. I have a loose tongue and would have drunk copious amounts of champagne at the receptions – so I probably would have always been causing national scandals.

The role of the black sheep of the family – as played by Friederike, Louise’s little sister – would have been much more up my street. She had plenty of men and never quite lived up to her family’s expectations. I would love to have been an enfant terrible like her – the ‘other princess’ who loved life and her people. My subjects wouldn’t have been able to get enough of me and my scandals.


It’s nice when monarchs strike a chord with their people. Nowadays, this usually happens when monarchs are not perfect – which is something people love. Even today, the aristocracy are still an excellent source of gossip and rumour. And even though I am very happy with our current system of government, it’s a shame from the point of view of cabaret that Germany no longer has a royal family. It would provide me and my fellow entertainers with plenty of juicy material.