Women in the Revolution of 1848/49

The 27th of March 2024 marks the 175th anniversary of the adoption of the first pan-German constitution. What would have happened if Prussian King Wilhelm IV had accepted the imperial crown that was offered to him by the German National Assembly? A section of the exhibition “Roads not Taken” is dedicated to this question. Displayed there, among other things, is an engraving by Paul Bürde (Ill. 1) that shows the parliament of 1848 in session in the Frankfurt Paulskirche, on which altogether 81 delegates are portrayed. Alongside the delegates, several women can be seen in the public galleries. In this blog Prof. Dr Daniel Morat, curator at the Deutsches Historisches Museum for the 19th century in preparation of the new Permanent Exhibition, is occupied with the role of women at the time of the Revolution of 1848/49.