From 1947 to 1951 Henry Ries worked as a photojournalist for the American newspaper The New York Times. He reported on political and social events from Berlin, Germany and various other European countries. Some of his reportages were commissioned, but in other cases he offered stories to the newspaper on his own initiative.


In 1947 Ries photographed two series on the fate of Jewish refugees who were headed for Palestine, where they hoped to establish a new home. For his reportage on the Exodus Ries ignored the British military police’s ban on photography and shot moving photos. His report on the first post-war elections in Italy is a photographic portrait of Italian society between Communism and Christian Democracy. For his reportage about the 1949 election in Austria he combined politics with his passion for music.


After the Blockade Ries moved his work place to Paris. Here he made his portraits of famous artists. He also travelled to Yugoslavia as well as to Spain during the Franco era.
















































































Austria, France




















Spain, Yugoslavia




















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