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IV. 1930–1933

Descending into Barbarism

The Great Depression began at the New York Stock Exchange on October 24,1929. Abetted by the general feeling of decline, radical anti-democratic parties and groups gained greater influence in Germany. With the rapid rise of Hitler’s NSDAP from 1930 on, there was a steady increase in attacks on modern art. Artists began more and more frequently to cloak their treatment of the political, economic and social crises in the form of allegories. Or, marked by experience gained in World War One, they warned that “Fascism” would inevitably lead to war.

John Heartfield
War and Corpses – The Last Hope of the Rich, 1932,
Berlin, Akademie der Künste,
© The Heartfield Community of Heirs/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2008
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