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Visions of Catastrophe

In the time between 1900 and the beginning of the Second World War in 1939 art in Germany contained a wealth of pictures of the downfall of the world. Seen from the distance of history, we tend to experience these works as premonitions of a catastrophic time. The exhibition takes up and questions the role of the artist as visionary and admonisher. Its title refers to the mythological seer Cassandra. She foresaw the destruction and downfall of Troy and warned the Trojans in vain.

Karl Hofer
Cassandra, 1936,
Halle, Stiftung Moritzburg, Kunstmuseum des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt,
VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2008

"You are surprised to find so much premonition of things to come in my work. The artist is simply a seismograph who registers disaster in advance. This phenomenon is found not only in my own work.”

Karl Hofer, 1947

“I noticed that no one paid much attention to my drawings. My warning was a warning cast to the winds, as it were.”

George Grosz, 1954
I . Prologue - Apocalyptical Visions before World War One II. Prophets of Catastrophe III. 1918 - 1929 - Between Revolution and Resignation IV. 1930 - 1933  - Descending into Barbarism V. 1933 - 1939 - Under the Regime  Working in Secrecy VI. Themes of the Times VII. Shadows over Europe - German artists in exile and the European avant-garde VIII. Epilogue - The End of the Second World War
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