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The Return of the Boogeyman

Films directed by Ulli Lommel

Resisting the confines of traditional genre and production conventions, Ulli Lommel's paracinema is surprising and offbeat, original and unruly. The retrospective The Return of The Boogeyman invites viewers to rediscover this unusual body of work in all its glory, presenting highlights from nearly every phase of the director's career—many of them in the form of rare analog prints and German theatrical premieres.

Lebens-Geschichte des Bergarbeiters Alphons S. (BRD 1979)

Film and political public

Innovations in film technology have always had a decisive influence on the course of cinema history, on the speed, range and topicality of the medium. In eight programs, we present works that at the time of their creation used new media possibilities in impressive ways.

Moved by sound

The cinema and Ludwig van Beethoven

Ever since the 100th anniversary of his death, for which an elaborate silent film biopic with Fritz Kortner in the leading role was released, Beethoven anniversaries seem to be unable to exist without the cinema, just as, conversely, film is unable to shake off its dubious relationship with Beethoven's music. The retrospective Moved by Sound: The Cinema and Ludwig van Beethoven shows, however, that the cinematic appropriation of Beethoven is only in part the story of an unfortunate misalliance.

Berlin in Berlin (TR/D 1993)

Berlin international

Rare Perspectives from Foreign Filmmakers 1924-1995

One hundred years after the creation of Greater Berlin, this retrospective brings back to the screen around two dozen such rarities: foreign pictures on Berlin directed between 1924 and 1995, many of them widely recognized and successful at the time of their release, many of them works by renowned artists.