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29. Oktober 2021 - 19. November 2021

Luis García Berlanga

100th Anniversary

Luis García Berlanga's filmography is part of general education in Spain, and knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of his work is so widespread that in 2020 the prestigious Real Academia de las Letras Españolas unanimously added the adjective "berlanguiano" to its dictionary. Juan Luis Cebrián, co-founder of the influential newspaper El País, recently suggested "grotesque but real" as a definition of this neologism. Curated by Miguel Herrero, the retrospective provides a special insight into the filmmaker's work during and after the Franco dictatorship.

9. November 2021 - 16. November 2021

“Divinely Gifted”

National Socialism's favoured Artists in the Federal Republic

Many renowned protagonists of the National Socialist art establishment continued to work full-time as visual artists after 1945. They produced works for public spaces, received lucrative commissions from the state, business and the church, taught at art academies, were represented in exhibitions and took part in competitions. The exhibition "Divinely Gifted". National Socialism's favoured Artists in the Federal Republic, on view at the German Historical Museum until December 5, 2021, examines for the first time the postwar careers of formerly "Divinely Gifted" visual artists. Their networks are examined as well as the reception of their works.