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31. May - 09. June 2024

Das Runde ins Eckige

Getting in the mood for the European Football Championship

Before the opening of the European Men's Football Championship, we invite you to three film programs that shed light on soccer and its social significance. What becomes of legends as time moves on? How is sport instrumentalized for political purposes? What to do when everyone is talking about soccer but you feel like doing something completely different?

02. June 2024

A Lyricist and Songwriter in Germany

Wolf Biermann in television programmes and interviews

The exhibition Wolf Biermann - A Lyricist and Songwriter in Germany ends on 2 June 2024. To mark the occasion, we are repeating three programmes that sold out last year with television reports on Wolf Biermann, a long interview with the singer-songwriter by journalist Holger Kulick and Frank Beyer's award-winning television feature film Abgehauen.

14. June - 16. June 2024

Open your ears!

Inclusive cinema ... with audio film

In recent years, stakeholders, associations and experts in their own right have increasingly highlighted their passion for the cinematic experience in cinemas and clearly articulated the need for accessibility and cultural participation. They have initiated debates, influenced political decision-makers, set film industry processes in motion and thus fought for an inclusive cinema. A success of these debates is the emergence of new film versions.

12. July - 13. July 2024

Collect Films!

The Munich Werkstattkino

The Werkstattkino is the most beautiful spawn of Munich's underground cinema. As a registered, non-profit association, it has been running a backyard cinema in the Gärtnerplatz district for almost 50 years and owns a widely appreciated collection of around 3,000 analogue film prints.