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Film Series

Ongoing Film Series

Aus dem Fernseharchiv

The archives of Germany's public television broadcasters contain a little-known treasure trove: feature films, some by prominent directors and/or screenwriters, made mainly in the 1960s and 1970s,…


Berlin.Dokument - under this title, Zeughauskino presents a monthly program of documentary footage of Berlin in chronological order. The programs tell a mosaic-like story of Berlin, handed down in…


FilmDokument presents little-known, non-fictional films from different eras of German cinema history. The series takes into account very different documentary forms, working methods and production…

Kurzer Prozeß (BRD/AT 1967)


Every first Friday of the month, we present treasures of German film history. The program Wiederentdeckt [Rediscovered] presents feature films that have fallen into oblivion, were overlooked by their…