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14. June - 16. June 2024

Open your ears!

Inclusive cinema ... with audio film

In recent years, stakeholders, associations and experts in their own right have increasingly highlighted their passion for the cinematic experience in cinemas and clearly articulated the need for accessibility and cultural participation. They have initiated debates, influenced political decision-makers, set film industry processes in motion and thus fought for an inclusive cinema. A success of these debates is the emergence of new film versions.

24. May - 20. July 2024

Not Reconciled

The documentary filmmaker Peter Nestler

In his documentary and educational films, Nestler explores various topics such as war, working conditions, exploitation and structural change, the destruction of nature through industrial intervention, anti-Semitism, antiziganism and, time and again, (neo-)fascism. They are films that are as uncomfortable as they are poetic.

04. May - 21. July 2024

We also collect films.

The film archive of the German History Museum

When the German History Museum (DHM), which had already been founded but was still without a home, moved into the Zeughaus on the boulevard Unter den Linden and found a fully equipped cinema in the Museum of German History, it was clear that not only films would be shown here, but also collected. Over the course of more than 30 years, an archive has been created which, with around 900 analog 35mm and 16mm film prints, is one of the small film collections in Germany. Feature films and documentaries, advertising and propaganda films from Germany and its neighboring countries, America and Asia are stored here.