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28. April 2023 - 20. Mai 2023

The Next Century Will Be Ours

Claudia von Alemann and her films

Curated by Arisa Purkpong and Fiona Berg, the showcase is a collaborative event with Bundesplatzkino, Klick!Kino and Deutsche Kinemathek to mark the 80th birthday of Claudia von Alemann on March 23, 2023, who will be present at all screenings. Coupled with a carte blanche from the director, we may welcome other guests with films that have influenced her.

2. April 2023 - 23. April 2023

No Fear of Being Different

Films for Children by Rolf Losansky

Rolf Losansky directed some of DEFA's most beautiful films for children. They tell of young people who cause trouble because they are different from the others. Using trick and animation techniques, his films mix the presence of everyday demands with the imaginative ways that the children find. In this way they escape the impositions of adults: whether in the advertising column, in a daydream or as a ghost.

1st April 2023 - 30th April 2023

Lob der Charge

The wonderful supporting actors of early German sound comedy (1930-1933)

In April, the Zeughauskino puts the spotlight on those who are otherwise marginalized: the supporting actors and actresses of the early German sound film era.

24th February 2023 - 31st March 2023

Progress as a Promise

Industrial film in divided Germany

Progress as a promise. Under this motto, the retrospective brings together industrial films from West and East Germany that were created for companies and businesses in the mining, iron, steel and automotive industries, as well as the chemical and optical industries. It was created in collaboration with film and contemporary historians who curated selected programs.

4th February 2023 - 27th March 2023

Children or no Children

Conflict of pregnancy in German film

The film series invites us to trace the social developments surrounding bodily self-determination. The title of the series refers to the virulent slogan of the New Women's Movement, "whether children or none, we decide alone", and takes up the demand for reproductive self-determination. In recurring situations, we become aware of the different argumentation patterns and predicaments, also dependent on the form of the state, to which those affected find themselves exposed. Thus, they not only get into legal and ethical conflicts, but usually find themselves in economic as well as social predicaments.

8th January 2023 - 26th February 2023

Emil, Pünktchen and the others

Adaptations of Erich Kästner's works

Erich Kästner is one of the most popular children's authors of the 20th century. His novels have been filmed countless times in Germany and elsewhere. As part of a family program at the German Historical Museum, the series Emil, Pünktchen und die anderen offers the opportunity to get to know and compare eight Erich Kästner film adaptations.

7th January 2023 - 28th February 2023

Roads not Taken

Alternative Historical Tales in Cinema

The appeal of alternative historical narratives lies in being able to engage with history and its worlds of possibility, and to communicate through a shared knowledge: a potential that is all the more important in times when there is talk of post-facticity. Roads Not Taken. Alternative historical narratives in film extends the exhibition Roads not Taken. Or: It Could Have Been Different, with films that test alternative historical scenarios.