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other titles: Breakthrough                                                                            
Produced by: Per Borgerson for ECA Norway
Directed by: Lauritz Falk
Country/Year: NO 1950
Length : 12'
Language : English
Format: 16 mm, 1,37, mono

Norways hydroelectric complex, is finally ready to supply power to the nation and some of its neighbors. The fascinating story of the monster undertaking is told by a worker at the site. Begun before the war, the project flagged during the Depression years. Efforts of the Nazi occupiers to complete the project to serve the German war effort were met by sabotage. After the war the breakthrough came, thanks to the Marshall Plan, which made it possible to procure scarce construction and generating equipment from all over Europe. Unusually powerful camerawork and editing.

© 2002 Linda R. Christenson