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Bis daß der Tod euch scheidet

At first, the young couple seems to have a happy future, but very different ideas about everyday life and work soon reveal themselves. Sonja (Katrin Saß) wants to go back to work after their first child, but Jens (Martin Seifert) is strictly against it. When she secretly takes a further education course, he blows a fuse. With these "scenes of a GDR marriage" (Carla Rohde, Der Tagesspiegel, 1980-11-9) Heiner Carow addressed the taboo subject of domestic violence. Katrin Saß, who later became a character actress, made her debut in front of the camera in this cinematic "tour de force" at the age of 21. Angelica Domröse, who plays Jens' sister, left for West Germany in 1980; she had supported the Biermann petition. For director Heiner Carow, the project represented one of his most important undertakings ever. Several years earlier, he had wanted to film the material with Klaus Brasch and Swetlana Schönfeld, but five days before filming was to begin, the Ministry of Culture vetoed the project. (cl)