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Die zweite Haut

As in Geschlossene Gesellschaft, Die zweite Haut is also about a frustrated couple whose relationship threatens to break up due to the general numbness. This time, Sandra, played by Angelica Domröse, finds the strength - in contrast to the previous film - to break up with her husband. When Die zweite Haut was broadcast on ARD in November 1981, numerous signatories of the Biermann petition had already left the GDR. Many found new fields of activity in West German theater and film productions. In addition to the married couple Angelica Domröse and Hilmar Thate, DEFA cameraman Günter Marczinkowsky was also a new member of the team. He had photographed Nackt unter Wölfen (1963) and Spur der Steine (1966), among others, for Frank Beyer. The male leads of Geschlossene Gesellschaft and Die zweite Haut, Armin Mueller-Stahl and Hilmar Thate, were also seen together in Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss in early 1982. (cl)