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Several cinematheques and film museums are responsible for preserving and maintaining film heritage in Germany, but there are also numerous small archives and collections. They are often owned by private individuals, associations or communities and pursue their own specialized collection interests. Where the large public archives reach their limits, the small archives and collections step in and ensure a more diverse preservation of film heritage. What gaps do the small archives fill? What is collected there, by whom and for what reason? Our event series Collect Films! explores these questions, in which we present the private collection of Richard Siedhoff from Weimar in April.

The silent film pianist, composer and musicologist Richard Siedhoff began collecting analog film prints a good 20 years ago, initially 8mm films and later mainly 16mm prints of silent films. He travels around Germany with a mobile projector, silver screen, and 16mm film prints and presents his films with his own live music in a wide variety of venues. At the Zeughauskino, he presents a selection of American slapstick comedies from his collection, including reconstructed works and special rarities.