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Ekkehard Wölk (Flügel), Kristoff Becker (Cello), Andrea Marcelli (Perkussion, Klarinette)

Show People

Peggy Pepper from Georgia wants to become a movie star in Hollywood. In an extremely funny way, Show People describes how Peggy succeeds despite her blatant lack of talent. Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin and Norma Talmadge make cameo appearances. Directed by the brilliant King Vidor, Show People is a witty and fast-paced film which offers leading actress Marion Davies a superb and highly self-deprecating parade role. When shown in Berlin, a critic noted: “Set in Hollywood, the film is a very jocular mockery of stardom, directorial conceit and director madness. Shot as a jaunty comedy, it means quite splendid fun for the audience.” (Berliner Volks-Zeitung, 15 Jan 1930)

Show People is accompanied by Ekkehard Wölk (piano), Kristoff Becker (cello) and Andrea Marcelli (percussion, clarinet). Ekkehard Wölk (Berlin) is an award-winning jazz pianist, arranger and composer who has been performing at numerous international festivals. Kristoff Becker (Berlin) is a cellist and instrument maker and known for his cutting-edge work with the ensemble “Trioglyzerin”. Andrea Marcelli (Rome) is a drummer, clarinet player, composer, producer and arranger who has recorded award-winning albums.