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Nikolai Geršak (Flügel)

Die blaue Maus

A young woman gets trapped in her bed and calls for help. Before her rescuer finally ends up in the very same bed, it’s all about upward mobility and extramarital escapades. The focus is on the owner of the nightclub “Die blaue Maus” (The Blue Mouse), played by the new German star Jenny Jugo, who coquettishly and cleverly twists men around her finger. Jugo appears as the ideal image of the modern flapper: very lively, sporty, and with a clear idea of how to get what she wants. Die blaue Maus has only survived in an English-language export version.

Die blaue Maus is accompanied by Nikolai Geršak, an accomplished jazz musician, organ player and composer. In addition to many concerts, he directs the International Organ Academy at Lake Constance. Nikolai Geršak has made a name for himself as an improviser in the field of jazz music and as a silent film musician. He lives in Friedrichshafen.