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How to marry a millionaire? Clara Bow plays a witty saleswoman in a department store, a little sly and prickly, romantic, always honest. Endowed with considerable sex appeal, Clara Bow here proves to be the purest embodiment of the flapper and the it girl: a fuzzy-headed bundle of energy who looked like a doll with big googly eyes, yet played working women who knew exactly when they were allowed to dream and when not. Bow became the symbol of a new generation of women whose modern sexuality, dress and habitus and whose joy in jazz and desire to dance were as contagious as they were revolutionary.

Berlin premiere of Maud Nelissen’ new musical score, performed by Maud Nelissen (piano), Daphne Balvers (soprano saxophone) and Frido ter Beek (alto saxophone, percussion). Maud Nelissen from the Netherlands is one of the world’s best known silent film musicians and composers. As a soloist, she has played in San Francisco, Paris and Bangkok, among other places. She regularly performs with her ensemble “The Sprockets”.