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With cunning and the courage of a daredevil, a poor street girl gets a role in a revue – and wins the heart of the theatre director, too. Norma Talmadge, who until then had appeared mainly in melodramas, plays the brat with a hard shell and a soft core. The Berlin critics raved about her performance: “Her Kiki is a completely enchanting creature. Composed of gamine-like grace, the happiest exuberance, fresh humor and genuine unaffected feeling. You have to see how she plays this Kiki. (...) There is no end to the laughter in this best film comedy of recent times.” (Berliner Morgenpost, 22 Feb 1927)

Kiki is accompanied by French pianist Camille Phelep, a classically trained pianist, award-winning soloist and ensemble musician. Camille Phelep has performed in Paris, London, Salzburg and Hamburg, among other places. Since 2013, she has accompanied numerous silent films. She is the pianist for the Metropolis Orchestra Berlin, which specializes in silent film music. Camille Phelep lives in Berlin.