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Hildegard Pohl (Flügel), Yogo Pausch (Percussion)


An unmarried New York divorce lawyer travels to the Canadian wilderness for recreation and ends up in a small village called Mantrap. There he encounters a real “man trap” in the shape of Clara Bow playing a manicurist freshly imported from the big city. Loosely based on a socio-critical novel by Sinclair Lewis, the screenwriters Adelaide Heilbron and Ethel Doherty transformed the material into a comedic firework that helped Clara Bow rise to superstardom. Immensely dynamic, athletic, witty, she perfectly embodied the new image of women in the Jazz Age, the first era in American history to celebrate female sexuality as something all its own.

Mantrap is accompanied by Hildegard Pohl (piano) and Yogo Pausch (percussion) from Nuremberg. Hildegard Pohl performs as a piano soloist, chanson singer and bandleader of the “Hildegard Pohl Trio” and has always been crossing borders between classical music and jazz. In Berlin, she plays in a duo with Yogo Pausch, a drummer in numerous Jazz, blues and world music groups. Together they have accompanied many silent films with a specialization in comedies.