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Visible Lives: LGBTI rights and the museum

Prof. Richard Sandell, Leicester
Lecture in English Drawing on a rich mix of international examples, Richard Sandell builds a case for greater visibility of LGBTI lives within museums, archives, galleries and heritage sites, arguing that such public portrayals are intimately bound up with broader efforts to secure equality. Greater visibility within our trusted cultural institutions, he argues, plays a significant role in shaping the kinds of conversation society has about sexuality and gender and, importantly, impacts the lives of people whose experience, perspective and contribution has too often been overlooked or silenced. Richard Sandell is Professor of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. His most recent book (with Eithne Nightingale) – Museums, Equality and Social Justice – examines the ways in which cultural institutions are caught up in broader struggles for equal human rights and includes the first detailed analysis of transgender representation in museums.  He is a Trustee of the Museums Association and Fellow of the RSA.  He is currently completing a book – Museums, Moralities and Human Rights – which will be published later in 2016.In cooperation with HTW Berlin, Studiengang Museumskunde und Museumsmanagement und -kommunikation Admission free