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Berlin.Dokument - under this title, Zeughauskino presents a monthly program of documentary footage of Berlin in chronological order. The programs tell a mosaic-like story of Berlin, handed down in often unknown footage taken on the fringes of the commercial film industry.

Under the title East Berlin Miniatures, the October installment of Berlin.Dokument assembles short films that showcase various sites in East Berlin and portray a large working class family from Prenzlauer Berg. In November, three innovative documentaries from the early 1970s deal with housing problems in West Berlin and present new forms of education and leisure activities. The last program in December will again bring together East German productions, this time on the theme of urban redevelopment and old building renovation.

Berlin.Dokument is produced in cooperation with the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv and the Landesarchiv Berlin. The curator of the programs is Jeanpaul Goergen.