Reconstruction and domicile of the German Historical Museum

1990 to the present

It was originally planned to erect a building for the German Historical Museum in the West sector of Berlin. But in the course of reunification the Federal government determined in 1992 that the Zeughaus should be the final destination for the German history museum that was still in the process of being established. 

However, the technical furnishings of the building were not up to standard for a modern museum, so that the Berlin office of Winfried Brenne Architects was charged with further renovations. The task of meeting the creative and functional needs of a modern museum involved combining the building’s Baroque structure with the architectural changes carried out in the 1950s and 1960s.

In the course of the restoration and reconstruction work from 1994 to 2004 the Zeughaus regained the building’s original structural character in its interior and exterior. With its restored original reddish façade and elaborate structural decorations, the Zeughaus now again mirrors its former resplendent architecture.

Despite the eventful history of its construction, the building continues to be faithful to its original architectonic purpose: it was always a "magazine" for the presentation of collections, a "treasure house" for precious historical testimonia and a place for observation and the acquisition of knowledge.