Erster Weltkrieg


Der Erste Weltkrieg in 100 Objekten

Der Erste Weltkrieg in 100 Objekten

The First World War in 100 Objects, in German only

What remains today from the "primal disaster" of the 20th century? The collections of the German Historical Museum preserve thousands of objects that bear witness to the events and experiences of the First World War. The book introduces 100 selected objects from the exhibition, e.g. the British field marshal uniform presented to Kaiser Wilhelm II before the war, a gas mask and surgical instruments from a military hospital, a letter of the artist Max Pechstein written from the front, or a pair of trousers made of paper yarn. They tell of the changes in the political landscape of Europe, the horrors of the battlefields and the deprivations on the “home front”. The objects paint a vivid picture of the historical events and their contexts. Eye witness accounts from the museum’s collections tell of the fate of individual people in the “Great War” of 1914 to 1918.

Theiss Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8062-2967-7
ca. 240 pages, 130 illustrations, 24,95 €

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Der Erste Weltkrieg 1914–1918

Der Erste Weltkrieg. Museumspädagogisches Begleitheft

"The First World War 1914–1918", in German only

Educational booklet on the Permanent Exhibition with a special topic on the theatre play "Gefährten" in the Stage Theater des Westens

The booklet presents selected objects from the Permanent Exhibition of the German Historical Museum, discusses aspects of the First World War and explores the role of horses in the war. Accompanying the booklet are an educational programme dealing with scenes from the play “Gefährten” as well as materials related to the exhibition that can be used in school courses dealing with historical and political education.

59 pages, 6 €

You can get the book in our Museumsshop or you can order it: Tel. +49 30 20304-731 |

Exhibition brochure for young people

Exhibition brochure for young people

In German only

With the exhibition brochure "Zwischen den Fronten" ("Between the Fronts") young visitors can explore the exhibition on their own and work on assignments found at six different stations. This will give them an overview of the events of the First World War and encourage them to look closely at selected exponents in the exhibition. The brochure is a supplement to the object captions for young people.

10 years and older
Available free of charge at the entrance to the exhibition