Kids & families

Group visits

All tours for families and kids can be booked for groups. Please contact our visitor service.
60–120 minutes
€ 15 (60–90 minutes) or € 25 (120 minutes) plus admission for adults

Audio guides for children

Audio guides for children are available in the permanent exhibition and in many special exhibitions. Here is an overview of our current exhibition tours and the respective audio guides available for children.

Audio guide for kids I

Sleigh bells ring, geese cackle, pigs squeal and gold coins jangle – these clangs and squawks lead the young visitors to the medieval market in the city of Augsburg. On a tour through the upper floor of the permanent exhibition the children learn how knights, kings, peasants and citizens lived and why, for example, a Turkish tent is in the museum. On their time journey up to the First World War the kids encounter exciting original objects and experience the diversity of the museum. They can touch and feel a chain-mail shirt and a cannonball.

From 8 years of age
60 minutes
Available at the Information desk in the Zeughaus

Audio guide for kids II

What consequences did the First World War have for Germany? Who was Adolf Hitler? Why were people living in two different German states? A 90-minute audio guide offers answers to these and other questions about German history in the 20th century. Museum expert Tom leads the young visitor Anna through the ground floor of the permanent exhibition and they talk about the impressive objects they find there, such as a dress for dancing the Charleston, a “people’s receiver” radio set, a model of Auschwitz-Birkenau, a VW Beetle and an East German Trabi. Accentuated by contemporary music and original sound clips, the tour lets kids experience German history and the work in a historical museum.

From 10 years of age
90 minutes
3 €; family ticket: 6 € (max. 4 audio devices: two adults, two children) plus admission for adults
Available at the Information desk in the Zeughaus

Explorer Bag

The Explorer Bag for English-speaking children from 8 years of age. The kids go on a journey of discovery through the 17th and 18th centuries in the Permanent Exhibition. They playfully learn about different kinds of objects such as paintings, armour and maps by carrying out various exercises and assignments. They can record their discoveries in the Explorer Booklet.

From 8 years of age
90–120 minutes
1 € + 20 € deposit, plus admission for adults
Available at the Information desk in the Zeughaus