School visits

For school classes of all levels, the Deutsches Historisches Museum offers a wide range of tours as well as history and film workshops. All bookable formats for guided tours and history workshops are listed in the following pages. Please register school classes with the visitor information at least two weeks in advance of your desired date. This also applies to school classes which wish to visit the Deutsches Historisches Museum without taking a tour.

Epoch Tours

Epoch tours for school classes are guided tours for eight different epochs in the permanent exhibit. The dialogue-based tour is designed to encourage participants to view and analyse artefacts in the exhibit as historical documents. Epoch tours examine subjects in the school curriculum and can be thematically focused.
60 minutes
€ 1 per pupil (max. 20 pupils)

History Workshop

The History workshop emphasizes independent exploration of the permanent exhibit or special exhibits. It begins with a short tour through the exhibit areas. Participants then examine their cross-epochal or period-based theme in small groups. The results are presented and discussed in a plenary session.
150 minutes
€ 2 per pupil

Film workshops and themed tours can be booked only in German. For further information please contact the visitor information.