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31 January to 12 April 2015

From the beginning of the winter school holidays until the Easter holidays children aged 8 and older and adults can participate in an artWORKSHOP in the exhibition hall of the Deutsches Historisches Museum. Starting from the Peaceful Revolution of 1989, participants will deal with the topics of democracy and civil rights. What power do the people have, what rights do children have, and how can they best stand up for their interests in a peaceful way?

Children will think about the causes for which they would take to the streets in protest, and participants will engage in conversation and recount their memories of demonstrations. This workshop should inspire a cross-generational exchange of ideas and lead to the creation of self-designed objects. Children AND adults can freely choose whether they want to refer in their artworks to the Peaceful Revolution that brought about German reunification or whether they prefer to deal with a current topic. The objects thus created will be part of a constantly growing installation that will give expression to peaceful protest.